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  • Activates the Immune System
  • Support Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
  • Support Cellular Health

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Serving size: 5 Tablets
Serving per box: 150

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610.00 AED

A patented method to produce himematsutake, having an easily digestible and effective formula, created by combining the Iwade 101 strain and the Ito-s strain, which were studied under the supervision of Dr. Ito.

Himematsutake is not an agaric mushroom, but a unique mushroom that has immunomodulating and antitumor properties due to the content of polysaccharides – such as β-glucan, heteroglycan, peptidoglycan, proteoglycan, chitin, lectins, terpenoids, steroids, nucleic acid complex (RNA) and dietary fiber (indigestible polysaccharides), as well as carbohydrate components. In addition, the complex contains ginkgo biloba, vitamin C, vitamin B2.

Himematsutake – research ability, efficacy and safety vary depending on the strain of the fungus. The mushroom portion of Himematsutake strain ITO-S and IWADE 101 is FDA approved and has received the Japan Food and Nutrition Association Raw Material Safety Certification. The big difference from the products of other companies is the patented manufacturing method, during which the cell wall of the fungus is destroyed for the best absorption of nutrients. Himematsutake lipid fraction has been confirmed to have the action of activating macrophages, which play a role in the functioning of the immune system of our body. The important role of the himematsutake lipid fraction in the biological defence of the body has also been confirmed.

Ginkgo biloba – the main components of ginkgo biloba extract are 13 kinds of flavonoids and ginkgolides. Flavonoids have various functions such as vasodilating, atherosclerosis improvement, antispasmodic action, blood sugar normalization and cancer prevention. According to the results of numerous studies, when taking ginkgo biloba, there is an improvement in memory, an increase in the level of concentration and attention, as well as an improvement in brain function.

Folic acid is a substance responsible for cell growth and maintaining the integrity of DNA. Violations of these processes lead to the formation of tumors, so folic acid to a certain extent prevents the appearance of neoplasms. In addition, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, the heart and blood vessels, and the synthesis of amino acids.

Vitamin C – strengthens the human immune system, and also protects it from viruses and bacteria, accelerates the process of wound healing, affects the synthesis of a number of hormones, regulates hematopoiesis and normalizes capillary permeability, participates in the synthesis of collagen protein.

Vitamin B2 – is involved in the formation of antibodies and red blood cells – blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, and also protect a person from bacteria and viruses. Removes toxins from the lungs. Vitamin B2 also affects the growth and development of the body, the functioning of the reproductive organs, the esophagus and the thyroid gland.


Himematsutake fruiting body cell wall destruction powder
Himematsutake mycelium and culture filtrate extract concentrate


Other Ingredients: ginkgo biloba extract powder, crystalline cellulose, vitamin C, vitamin B2, folic acid, shellac

SUGGESTED USE: Adult, as a dietary supplement take five (5) tablets daily with water

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