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  • Balances Oxidative Stress
  • Therapeutic Antioxidant
  • Improves Energy & Metabolism

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  • Serving size: 2 Capsules
  • Serving per box: 60


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Hydrogen – “Gives birth to water” gives us life!

The hydrogen complex is a gift to all mankind from Japanese scientists. The popularity of hydrogen as the optimal antioxidant that can fight dangerous diseases and premature ageing is growing every year. Using ancient knowledge and modern Japanese research
scientists have developed a unique complex to maintain and restore health

Hydrogen has a negative redox potential (ORP) and can neutralise toxic free radicals to our body, turning them into water.
Oxidative stress has become one of the most acute problems over the past two decades.
Free radicals affect each of us in very different ways. Depending on your genetics, they can cause damage to a specific organ or make you more prone to certain diseases.
Hydrogen is a hero that neutralises free radicals and provides you with the antioxidant protection you need for a healthy, happy life.

Silicon – the second most abundant element on Earth, is also found in hair, nails, blood vessels, bones, and body organs. Silicon has the function of binding collagen and is called the “beauty mineral” because it tightens the skin by binding its constituents, protects the skin from oxidation and saccharification, and hydrates and soothes the skin texture.

Reduced E-TEN obtained by roasting pearls, shells, corals, etc. It is characterised by the emission of reduced electrons and has the function of activating cells (especially mitochondria). In addition, activated mitochondria produce active oxygen as a by-product, as well as a lot of energy. However, the antioxidant power of reduced E-TEN helps protect mitochondria from reactive oxygen.

BIOPERINE® is a natural bioenhancer that increases the bioavailability of vitamin C.

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