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  • Stimulates collagen products
  • Revitalized skin health and hydration
  • Contains Natural EGF

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Serving size: 1 bottle
Serving per box: 10

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This is a unique drink made of marine collagen with an ultra-high dose of peptides. Ingredients fermented swallow’s nest!
An integral part of anti-age programs.
A real-world bestseller for rejuvenation and health from within – a patented development of Japanese scientists.

The beauty drink – as it is called by women around the world – increases the elasticity and quality of skin, nails, hair, prolongs youth and reduces the depth and expression of wrinkles. One of the main effects of the drink of youth is the normalization of the hormonal background. And, of course, you will feel an incredible influx of energy and strength every day!

Just one elixir in the morning will make your day happy and your body young and healthy!

“Bird’s Nest” or swallow’s nest is referring to the nest of swiftlet. It is usually built during the breeding season by the interwoven strands of solidified salivary of male swiflets in South East Asia and Southern China.
Traditionally, it has been used to replenish strength and revitalize energy. According to ancient Chinese literature, bird’s nest was shown to have healing effects on tuberculosis, haematoemesis, chronic diarrhea, chronic malaria, pulmonary infections.
Besides, bird’s nest has been regarded as precious delicacy in Chinese cuisine for maintenance of general health and radiant youthful looking skin.
Bird’s nest extract is standardized to contain sialic acid, with known ffect on boosting immunity, improving brain function, and prevention of virus/influenza infections.
Sialic Acid is a generic term of the acyl derivative of neuraminic acid (5-amino-3, 5-dideoxy D-glycerol-D-galactononurone acid). There are more than 30 types of naturally occurring sialic acid).
N-acetylneuraminic acid was found to be the main sialic acid in Bird’s Nest. Sialic acid acts as an antenna at the glycoproteins and glycolipids end of cell membrane, plays important functions in many cellular functions, preventing influenza infections, and cellular fluid uptake.

Fish Collagen Peptide 8000mg
Enzymatically Fragmented Swallow’s Nest Powder 400mg
Silk Peptide 30mg
Propolis Extract 30mg
Soybean (containing polyamine) 1mg
Proteoglycan from Salmon nasal cartilage extract 600µg
Niacin 58µg
Vitamin B2 42µg
Vitamin B1 42µg
Vitamin B6 17µg

Other Ingredients: cherry blossom extract processed powder, acidulant, flavor, sweetener (stevia), chili extract, caramel color, yukka extract, vitamin C, pantothenic acid calcium

SUGGESTED USE: Adult, as a dietary supplement take one (1) bottle daily

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